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Artist | CJ Hendry

Artist | CJ Hendry

Artist-CJ-Hendry-1 Artist-CJ-Hendry-2 Artist-CJ-Hendry-3 Artist-CJ-Hendry-4 Artist-CJ-Hendry-5 Artist-CJ-Hendry-6 Artist-CJ-Hendry-7 Artist-CJ-Hendry-8 Artist-CJ-Hendry-9 Artist-CJ-Hendry-10 Artist-CJ-Hendry-11

Arches paper in 640gsm, a long 1 meter ruler, various weights of black pens and an architects table, are the tools Brisbane artist CJ Hendry uses to create her incredible photorealistic works. With one work taking up to 200 hours, her creative process is methodical and simple. With no formal art education, the artist was studying commerce before art collectors began to gain interest in…

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Interior | Jessica de Ruiter

Interior | Jessica de Ruiter

Jessica-de-Ruiter-1 Jessica-de-Ruiter-2 Jessica-de-Ruiter-3 Jessica-de-Ruiter-4 Jessica-de-Ruiter-5 Jessica-de-Ruiter-6 Jessica-de-Ruiter-7 Jessica-de-Ruiter-8

Los Angeles based stylist Jessica De Ruiter, her husband/artist Jed Lind and daughter James call this sunny mid-century modern house in the hills of L.A, home. Elements in the home originally designed in 1953 for an artist are still present today with its uncomplicated aesthetic. The house features a flow from indoors to outdoors, allowing natural light to encompass the whole space. This…

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style crush | Veronika Heibrunner

style crush | Veronika Heibrunner

Veronika-Heibrunner-2 Veronika-Heibrunner-3 Veronika-Heibrunner-4 Veronika-Heibrunner-5 Veronika-Heibrunner-6 Veronika-Heibrunner-7 Veronika-Heibrunner-8 Veronika-Heibrunner-9 Veronika-Heibrunner-10

Some women just seem to have a certain je nais se quoiabout them and Veronika Heibrunner is one of them.  The Senior Fashion Editor of Mytheresa.com has an enviable closet of coveted items, that she seems pull of without a hitch. A regular source of street style inspiration, she radiates non-chalant cool and is frequently snapped with her best and super slick accessory, partner and…

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LILYA designer Lisa, headed over to New York City last month, not only did she come back with lots of design inspiration for our next collection but some great recommendations for what to do in the big apple! Here are some of her must do’s…

FAVOURITE AREAS: Soho, Nolita, West Village, Lower East Side and Brooklyn and Central Park.

WHERE TO SHOP:Creatures of comfort has to be my ultimate…

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editorial | “coming undone”

editorial | “coming undone”

Minimalism takes a back seat in the new Elle Australia August 2014 editorial ‘coming undone’. We are obsessing over the layering of textural pieces, sheer dainty lingerie, blanket coats, man style footwear and an inclusion of Aztec and geometric prints.  Keeping warm and relaxed in oversized and incredibly snug pieces with a countryside backdrop is our kind of winter…

Elle-Australia-1 Elle-Australia-2 Elle-Australia-3 Elle-Australia-4 Elle-Australia-5 Elle-Australia-6 Elle-Australia-7 Elle-Australia-8

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Music | First Aid Kit

Splendour in the Grass is just around the corner and we are getting pretty excited to head down to Byron Bay to check out some of our favourite local and international acts.